24-Hour Crisis & Support Hotline

We stand strong and unwavering in our work for Violence Free Futures.

We stand up as determined leaders against injustice and ignorance, and for protection, resources and the rights of assaulted and abused women, men, and their children.

We stand committed to preventing violence through education, outreach, challenging and changing attitudes, behaviors and practices that permit or promote violence.

We stand ready to help in the crisis and in the aftermath. Around the clock, experienced caring staff and volunteers provide skilled intervention to help victims find safety and rebuild their lives.

Isolation is one of the weapons that an abuser often uses against his victim. The more he/she can limit communication between the victim and the outside world, the more power he’s able to exert over her actions and her life. Violence Free Future’s 24-Hour Crisis and Support Hotline is a confidential lifeline to victims in need. Counselors are trained in crisis intervention, safety planning and counseling, and pro-active advocacy to victims, as well as their families, friends, and the community in general.