• Individual and Group Counseling: FVPC offers an individual and group approach to help victims recover from past and/or present abuse.
        Jaime Lennon, MS, LPC, RASS, Clinical Coordinator, 937-376-8526 ext. 108
      • Child Counseling: FVPC provides counseling for youth ages, 3 1/2 – 18 who have experienced violence as well as for children who have witnessed violence in the home.
        Pam Gibson, BSW, LSW, Youth Therapist & Case Manger, 937-376-8526 ext. 109
        Harmony Byrd, MS, LPCC-S, NCC, Child and Family Counselor, 937-376-8526 ext. 114
  • DIVERT: Xenia and County DIVERT crisis response in collaborative partnerships with law enforcement jurisdictions throughout Greene County to offer home and community based services to families experiencing domestic disputes or domestic violence.
    Joanna White, MSW, LSW, DIVERT Crisis Response Specialist, 937-376-8526 ext. 116


  • Domestic Violence Intervention Program: (DVIP) , therapeutic and educational group counseling for batterers working to prevent future cycles of violence. Fee for service.
    Cherie Dixon, MS, LPCC, OCPS II, RASS, Prevention Coordinator & DV Intervention Counselor, 937-376-8526 ext. 121
    Sean Barrett, MFT, Safe House Coordinator & DV Intervention Counselor, 937-376-8526 ext. 117
  • Healthy Homes: an eight week education program focused on breaking the cycle of violence in families.
    Pam Gibson, BSW, LSW, Youth Therapist & Case Manger, 937-376-8526 ext. 109
  • Emergency Hospital Response: to Greene Memorial Hospital for victims of domestic violence.

If you are interested in any of the programs described here please contact the main office at (937) 376-8526 or at

All services are provided free of charge unless otherwise noted.